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We think it's driven by misprinting because investors have poor expectations about the future and what that chart shows Private mortgage broker is that clearly embedded in current prices our expectations about the future that are related to the short-term past and the question First home buyers specialist is are those expectations systematically incorrect and what that chart bases the highlights is yes. Read more @ alpha1.com.au.
Business loan Ipswich are the firm's that historically had really good exceptional earnings growth rates in the future on average never perform as well as expected I either gross socks and that's why they under perform whereas the value stock's historic a lot of times Mortgage broker Greenslopes have had you know crappy short-term performance that gets obviously extrapolated in the future but on average.

It's crappiest thought and when expectations change you know you make money and that basically they highlighted that is the value nominally it's what Ben Graham talked about Financial advisor Ipswich know years prior to them writing the the formal academic paper on it so really know about financial solutions could almost be summed up just reversion to the mean.
Basically yeah overreaction to poor fundamentals is what drives the value premium an overreaction to positive fundamentals is what drives the reason growth stocks tend under perform on average Yeah Business loans south Brisbane so question number four I mean it can be really difficult to stick with a strategy.
When it's underper forming it's just incredibly hard you feel like an idiot especially over a sustained period of time is that possibly what you pay an expert for to have that professional level of perseverance when mortgage broker Ipswich under performing sure so one of the arguments the title of that new book is DIY financial advisor and we've already gotten a lot of hate mail from advisor to like hey.
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